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Yvoir, a daughter of the Haute-Meuse, is laden with history, craft culture and local heritage. It has all the picturesque charm and welcoming virtues which flourish amid the gentle atmosphere of the Meuse.

Pretty little villages, often with evocative names, scattered between farmed fields, verdant pastures and leafy woodlands combine to form a rural, country setting of the finest quality, capable of enchanting lovers of nature and the great outdoors.

There's Spontin, with its geographic center of Wallonia, old water mill and outstanding feudal castle; Purnode, with the Bocq brewery and its wide variety of old-fashioned farmhouse-style ales, Godinne with its priory, church, old farm, Mont and the Trou Bernard for potholing enthusiasts; Dorinne, Durnal and Evrehailles, with beautiful stone houses and Houx, overlooked by the Poilvache castle ruins, an amazing 13th & 14th-century medieval fortress, the biggest in the Meuse valley; and of course Yvoir itself, an old Meuse industrial town where stone quarrying and processing (sandstone and blue stone) took over from iron working, for which it had always been an important centre, from the Gaulish era to the end of the 19th century.

A few ironsmiths' houses, including the very fine Château de Bouvignes (1751), and a few items of local vocabulary (maka, marteau, etc.) recall the heyday of metalworking in Yvoir. The town is now firmly set on promoting and operating its many tourist and sports resources.

There is no lack of attractions. These include:
Ile d'Yvoir, lakes and 2-hectare recreational park; Poilvache castle, Bocq Brewery, the Domaine de Champalle natural reserve; a large multisport hall, tennis courts, climbing, pothotoling and water sports sites; the river and the Bocq, the meeting place for Gaulish knights and more besides.
A whole host of waymarked walks and cycle routes invite you to criss-cross this magnificent region and take a closer look at its beauty, its curiosities and get to know the local people.

From a simple tent on a camping site to luxury bed and breakfast accommodation, from friendly restaurants to star-graded gourmet 'relais' - there are many different accommodation and eating possibilities, all of which clearly add to the welcoming reputation of Yvoir and the surrounding area. 
Welcome one and all!